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Student Program

Ocular Instruments works hard to support optometry students by providing high quality products and the support to back it up. Optometry Students and Residents receive the following benefits with our complete innovative product line.

1.    Immediately qualify for a student discount and free ground shipping (orders shipped via FedEx, estimate delivery is 5-7 business days)

2.    Returns: While enrolled in school as a student or resident, we offer a right of return. If, for any reason, our product does not meet your requirements or expectations, you may return it to us for a full refund or exchange*.

3.   Unconditional Replacement Guarantee: While enrolled in school as a student or resident, be assure that your lenses are protected 100%. We’ll replace damaged lenses for any reason (dropped, stepped on, etc.)*.

4.   Student Lens Packages: When you order a student lens package, we will include a FREE custom walnut wood case and personalized label. Contact customer service for pricing information.

5.   Direct Support: Have a question or concern? Call our toll-free number and you’ll be connected to a live optometry school representative.

*Please contact customer service to obtain an Return Authorization number.

Award of Excellence

Ocular Instruments is proud to recognize top students with our Award of Excellence Program. If your school is not enrolled, please have your professor contact us. There is absolutely no cost to enroll!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for 2016:

Illinois College of Optometry

Elisa Xiao

Elisabeth Anderson

Emily Hutchins

Michael Gorz

Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University

Bita Asghari

New England College of Optometry


The Ohio State University College of Optometry

David Beckett

Jake Boroff

Morgan Garczyk

Sandy Veres


Southern College of Optometry

Emy Thompson

Joe Johnson

Megan Stanford

Sandy Trybus

University of Alabama - Birminghan School of Optometry

Brittany Moates


University of Houston College of Optometry

Christopher Mathews

Cory Giammarco

Elena Lischau

Whitney Hejny


University of Missouri - St. Louis College of Optometry

Allison Schafers



Program Details:

Ocular Instruments will present “The Award of Excellence” to one student from each class, for outstanding performance. The students are chosen by the faculty and staff.

As a recipient of the award, the selected student(s) will receive the an Award Packets which includes:

  1. Ocular Instruments Award of Excellence Certificate

  2. Award of Excellence Lapel Pin

  3. Award Product Catalog

  4. Award Order Form

Student(s) who receive the award will be allowed to select one of our fine lenses from the Award Product Catalog for their acheivement.


Student Lens Packages
Ocular Instruments is proud to offer Student Lens Packages ranging from 3 up to 5 lens combinations. Your choice of the NEW Max360®High Definition or Standard lens sets. All student packages include a free custom walnut wood case and a personalized label at no extra cost. Contact customer service for pricing information.


 Max360® Lens Package 2
 Includes a 20D, 78D, 90D &  Max360® Three Mirror Gonio lens
 Product Code: OSP02MAX


2016 Equipment Fairs and Presentations 

Jan 22-24 - InterAmerican University Puerto Prico - Eyeland of Enchantment Student Convention

      Congratulations to IAUPR 3rd year student Peter Nguyen - Raffle winner of the Max360™ Three Mirror Lens!

Feb 5  - UC Berkeley School of Optometry

      Congratulations to UCBSO 1st year student Michelle Z. - Raffle winner of the Max360™ Three Mirror Lens!

Feb 18 - NOVA Southeastern University College of Optometry 

Apr 8 - Illinois College of Optometry

Apr 14 - University of Alabama - Birmingham School of Optometry

Jul 13 - University of Alabama - Birmingham School of Optometry

Congratulations to Nereida, raffle winner of the Max360® Three Mirror Lens!

Aug 26 - University of Missouri - St. Louis School of Optometry

Sep 16 - Michigan College of Optometry

Oct 6 - Southern College of Optometry



There's a lot of useful information out there and we want to serve as a resource for helping you to find it. Check here for links to sites that we find particularly useful to optometry students. Feel free to contact us if you have something to share!

AAO – American Academy of Optometry

AOA – American Optometric Association

AOSA – American Optometric Student Association

NOA – National Optometric Association

NOSA – National Optometric Student Association


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