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Ocular Kapetansky Grading Gonio Lens

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Product Code: OMVGLK-2-IR
Gonio Mag:  1.3x
Gonio FOV:  160°
Contact Diameter: 17mm
Lens Height: 35mm

Ocular Kapetansky Grading Gonio

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Addition to our revolutionary Max360® Series line of rotating gonio lenses, exclusively from Ocular Instruments, this modified Magna View Gonio lens incorporates reference features that aid in the efficient documentation of the anterior chamber angle. 200 and 400 micron steps as well as a 6 color reference pallet are placed opposite the mirror to be viewed adjacent to the angle structures during the procedure. Lens rotationally indexes in 45 degree increments for accurate repeatable registration of angle observations and documentation. The lens is a convenient clinical comparator for assessing trabecular meshwork pigmentation. It is also a useful glaucoma teaching aid.

U.S. Patent #7,766,480

U.S. Patent #8,861,061



  • 200 & 400 micron geometric steps approximates the Scheie and Spaeth Angle Grading Systems
  • Six bar color pallet approximates the Scheie and Spaeth grade of pigmentation of the angle¹, ²

                ° Plus black for reference

  • Revolutionary Max360™ Rotating Ring

                ° Eight 45 degree bi-directional “clicks”

  • 1.3X magnification single mirror gonioscopy lens
  • Modified NMR* (no methylcellulose required) contact geometry with flange

 *NMR “No Methylcellulose Required” feature was developed with Frederick M. Kapetansky, M.D., Columbus, OH

“A drop or two of preservative free artificial tears in the well may be beneficial to protect the corneal epithelial cells. You can still continue the clinical examination of the eye and avoid any blur in the vision”

            - Frederick M. Kapetansky, M.D., Columbus, OH

"The NMR 3-mirror indexing lens allows for ergonomic and efficient treatment of anterior retinal pathology."

                     - William Terrell, M.D., Vitreo-Surgeon, Hastings, NE


Journal references:

1. Scheie, H. G. (1957). Width and Pigmentation of the Angle of the Anterior Chamber. A.M.A. Archives of Ophthalmology, 58 (4), 510-512.

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