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50 years of innovation

Established in 1966, Ocular Instruments continues to be a global leader in creating and producing

ophthalmic lenses of unparalleled sharpness and clarity. Our quest for higher performance

and the pursuit of perfection is why so many leading doctors consistently

choose the products of Ocular Instruments.


     50 years of innovation and we're still going strong!



Introducing our latest innovation...

                                Ocular Max360™ Series

                                                Max360 Group


Ocular Instruments is always a step ahead. That is why Ocular is proud to introduce the Max360™ Series which includes the Ocular Max360™ Three Mirror, Max360™ Magna View, Latina 1X Indexing PSLTLatina 5 Bar Indexing SLT and the Hwang-Latina 5.0 Indexing SLT lenses. The Max360™ Series of contact lenses feature the exclusive single hand rotational ring design! The innovative ring design significantly reduces lens decoupling and allows you to STAY FOCUSED on your patient and not the lens! Ergonomically designed to rotate bi-directional at a full 360°.

                                                                    click here to watch a video demonstration


Once you have tried the revolutionary Max360™ Series rotating lens design, you will not go back to your traditional non-rotational lenses!


U.S. Patent #7,766,480         U.S. Patent #8,861,061


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