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50 years of innovation

Stay Focused! Ocular Instruments has been creating solutions to save sight for 50 years with this philosophy.

The revolutionary Max360® Series rotating ring lenses continue this legacy. Designed for maximum comfort, the smooth one handed movement of the rotating ring adds precision to your procedure. The ring rotates both directions at full 360 degrees allowing you to STAY FOCUSED on your patient and not the lens!  


Max360® Series includes our NEW Three Mirror Universal, NEW Magna View Gonio, NEW Kapetansky Grading Gonio and Latina Indexing SLT lenses.


Once it clicks, you’ll feel the difference. The Max360® Series rotating lens will be your lens of choice.

 U.S. Patent #7,766,480         U.S. Patent #8,861,061

                                                                     Once it clicks   Max360 Tag Line


      Max360 3 Mirro                      Max360 Magna View                       Kapetansky Grading Gonio   

           Max360® Three Mirror                                  Max360® Magna View                                Kapetansky Grading Gonio

                                                   Latina 1X Index SLT                      Latina 5 Bar Index SLT                         Hwang-Latina 5.0 Index SLT

                                                        Latina 1X Indexing SLT                               Latina 5 Bar Indexing SLT                             Hwang-Latina 5.0 Indexing SLT




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